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Jell-O Wrestling Challenge Pt 2


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I love the way all the readers of the Fantasy Football wrap-up got into the spirit of the week and bombarded me with Jell-o wrestling photos! My mailbox was overflowing and my keyboard is now gooey from gelatin ooze. There were too many great pictures to choose from so no decision will be rendered at this time. Late submissions will be accepted.


Jell-o.jpg Jell-o! The totally unofficial sponsor (in fact, they'd probably hate the idea) of the Browns Board Fantasy Football Wrapup!


Beanpot's League:beanpothockey.jpg


Dare I say that there was stiff competition for the Viagra award this week? Nah. We'll skip the bad jokes and give the Usual Suspects props for the Most Massive Pasting delivered to Believeland 128-73. Miles Austin (36) did his best to give Believeland a chance but the loss of Jamaal Charles (1) for the season and a big ZIP from Antonio Gates cost the team dearly. The Usual Suspects gave game balls to Vincent Jackson (33) and Kenny Britt (24).


Beanpot and Zombo's WildDawgs fought tooth and nail with both teams exceeding expectations. Beans delivered a blow with Jahvid Best (25) and LeSean McCoy (23) and Zombo countered with a one-two punch from Peyton Hillis and Ryan Mathews (21 each). After a flurry of jabs and combinations, Beans landed the knockout punch. 120-118. Zombo is still smarting and was last seen with a raw steak on his eye and a cold brew on his lips. Both ears were intact.


Greenville Mayhem dodged and weaved and locked mitts with opponent Redneck Roosters, finally winning by a decision, 89-81. It was a nail-biter but Tom Brady (26) and Deion Sanders (16) gave Mayhem the majority.


NavDawg's Browns gave Colt McCoy (10) a fantasy football start. McCoy's leadership showed not only on the gridiron, but in the fantasy ranks as well. NavDawg 111, Dot the I 61.


Also Played:

Average Joe's (who are still trying to accomplish a notable feat) 86

TexChainsawMassaquoi 76


Ballantyne Buckeyes 96

Werewolves of Linden 74


Oreo's Hangout th_20090314_0093-1.jpg


Lambdo's Air Show 7 and Kamac19 did a double take when what appears to be a stat adjustment resulted in a score of 106-106. Ties always make the standings more interesting as the season progresses and we look forward to watching the effects of this early draw. This tie looked like a win for Kamac until the man behind the curtain turned some knobs, pushed some buttons, steam spewed forth and one more point appeared in Lambdo's favor.


The DD's delivered a double dose of whoopass to Beanpot, smacking down his team to the tune of 138-73, in the Most Massive Pasting of the week.


Gocong or Go Home went home and celebrated after Darren McFadden (25) and Matthew Stafford (27) bashed The Hammer 131-89.


Choo Choo's got sidetracked by Kentucky Barnburner. KB 95, Choo Choo's 77.


Also Played:

dirty hands 90

Oreo's Team 84


hammertime 74

Bronx Browns 113

The Heidi Report heidiklumgold.jpg

My Helmet's 2Tight 1-1-0 82

Brownies 1-1-0 93


While the loss was not as big as expected for Helmet, a loss is still a loss and a goose egg for Helmet no matter how one goes about it but they vow to bounce back like a Bumble (of Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer fame) next week.

Brownies top scoring players for week 2 were Peyton Hillis 22 and Matt Forte with 20.

My Helmet's 2Tight's top scoring players were Aaron Rodgers 18 and Jonathan Stewart and Jason Hanson both giving Helmet 14 pts each.


RunninUover 0-1-1 87

The Korky Butcheks 0-1-1 87


This is League 3's first tie game of the young season. Both teams are still not yet in the win column yet but with only 2 games in, that will soon change.

RunninUover's top scoring players this week were Larry Fitzgerald with 21 and Santana Moss with 15.

The Korky Butcheks top scorers for week 2 were Top Brady with a whopping 26 pts and Jason Witten with a lucky 13 pts.


stewartcj1 1-1-0 104

Football is back 2-0-0 106


The Squeaker Of The Week Award with a difference of only 2 points goes to this Matchup . Football is back is undefeated so far. A big deal even if it IS only game 2.

stewartcj1's top scoring players of the week are Miles Austin with an astonishing 36 points which wins him this weeks Viagra Award and Kenny Britt with a not too shabby 24 pts.

Football is back's top scoring players are Jahvid Best did his "best with 25 and Drew Brees had a respectable 23 points.


Ballantyne Bruisers 2-0-0 109

Peyton's Posse 0-2-0 87


Ballantyne Bruisers 2 game winning streak bruised Peyton's Posse's pride a bit this week by handing him his second straight loss. Last seen, Peyton's "Posse" was riding the trail to seek a win next week and was quoted as saying there is a reward for Bruisers Wanted dead or alive for their future matchups.

Ballantyne's Bruisers top scoring players for week 2 were Darren McFadden with 25 pts and Ryan Mathews with 21.

The big scorers for Peyton's Posse were Stevie Johnson with 20 and Devery Henderson with 15 points.


fatherof3 2-0-0 101

Believeland Browns 0-2-0 97


It was fatherof3 that took the oh so close win in this contest over Believeland Browns. Believeland Browns responded to his 2nd loss with the smack talk "can't believe I sat Ryan and Maclin!!!!!" We all make playing errors Believeland, learn from it and don't make it a habit.

fatherof3's top scoring players this week were LeSean McCoy with 23 and Kevin Kolb with 15 pts.

Believeland Browns top scoring players for week 2 were Vincent Jackson with a kickass 33 points and Ray Rice with 16.


Cleveland Steamers 2-2-0 122

why cant we win 0-2-0 88


why cant we win set himself up for disappointment when he voted for his team to be the victor this week in League 3's Toyota's Biggest Blowout game of the week. The Biggest Blowout Award this week goes to Cleveland Steamers with a +34 points. Congrats to you.

Cleveland Steamers big players this week were Matthew Stafford with 27 pts and tied are Fred Jackson and Mike Wallace sharing 22 points each.

why cant we win's top scorers were Adrian Peterson, 23 and Matt Schaub with 16 pts.



The Great Zomboni Meehanninja.jpg


Zombo’s Real McCoys continued to show that they are real indeed, taking over the league scoring lead by besting the Big Bad Dawgs 105-94. Kenny Britt (25) and Peyton Hillis (21) starred for the McCoys.




Bermeck’s Hicks are off to a solid start as well, only two points behind TGZ, after rolling it up on Polk High 125 – 94. The Hicks had big days from Vincent Jackson (33) and Jahvid Best (25). The Polksters lost #1 draft pick Jamal Charles for the season … ouch.




The River Burns, as the Flea Flickers found out, as The Burning River used a big performance form its Jets defense (19) to scorch the Fleas 91 – 84.




The fourth and final undefeated team is the Texas Chainsaw Massaquois who had no problem tossing Cal Fox’s Kosar Dawgs around, 92 – 51, with 23 each from Drew Brees and Shady McCoy.




Jake24 lost his Brownsboard cherry with a 128 – 80 stomping of Huskymania, earning him the Viagra High Scorer of the Week honors for his first conquest … not bad. Miles Austin’s 36 points was just icing on the cake for Jake.




Finally, Team Inglewood Jack melted Mr. Freeze’s Snowmen 107 – 86 behind fantasy football’s hottest new star, Matthew Stafford (27)


Hillis-iz-Boss of this League:


Game of the Week*


*TurkeyJones (1-1) 79

*Believeland Browns (2-0) 85





Albino Rhinos (1-1) 117

Beef Jerky Warriors (1-1) 100




Game Ball Winner*

*Browns149 (1-1) 159

Golf Wang Hooligans (1-1) 118




Delhomme Underachiever of the Week*

*jrb12711 (0-2) 51

Browns57 (1-1) 83




delawaredestroyers (0-2) 98

Utzie (2-0) 110


brizonx brownz (0-2) 60

LCD's Dawgs! (2-0) 83


Will post standings next week when there is more separation among teams.


Thanks for reading and remember, your taunts, er, encouragement of participants is always welcome!

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Kosardawgs are off to a terrible start. Hopefully,


we will get going in League four.


Funny part is, in the other league I'm in, a friends' league, I still can't believe it,


the Kosardawgs are 2-0 - twenty bucks each team, I drafted FIRST ALSO, and also


drafted Rogers first, but my team is better.


I will never complain about never drafting first again.


But I read every one of the teams' reports. It's fun.

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