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Cribbs Looking To Play Rb?


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BEREA, Ohio — Josh Cribbs used to bristle at people calling him just a returner and not a receiver, too.


Now, when it comes to offense, he doesn't want to be pigeonholed as just a receiver -- over the past four days, Cribbs has twice talked about playing running back.


After Sunday's win over the Colts, Cribbs said: "I just want the ball in my hands. That's why I got a lot of screens and the little bubble routes. If they're doing that as a receiver, so be it. If it's in the backfield, so be it. Don't get caught up on just the receiving aspect."


On Wednesday, Cribbs -- who was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance in Indianapolis -- reiterated that he might be adding another slash to his job description: kick returner/punt returner/wide receiver/running back.


"All off-season, I've been working on my receiving capabilities and helping my team on the offensive side," he said. "It's all aspects on offense, helping my team win: receiving, running back, quarterback, whatever."


So, you can take the WildDawg out of the offense, but you can't take the wild out of this cat.


"He's a fantastic player and we're going to try to put him in position to make plays, however we can do it," coach Pat Shurmur said during training camp.


Cribbs is getting so many touches on offense that he doesn't even miss the WildDawg, where he took the direct snaps and ran or passed.


"I would miss it if I wasn't a factor on offense," he said. "But they're making it a point to give me the football. All I want is an opportunity to affect the game and they're doing that with me."


As for receiving special teams player of the week honors -- the fourth of his career -- Cribbs said: "It feels great. It lets me know they're blocking for me and allowing the opportunities to return some big ones to help the team out."


Cribbs' 52-yard kickoff return and 43-yard punt return led to touchdowns. Cribbs ranks fifth in the league in kickoff return average (34.2) and seventh in punt return average (13.8).

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I'd love to see him play some rb. His talent and fire really helps to inspire the Browns.


It's also great to have other players inspire the team - with the emphasis on TEAM.


Cribbs is awesome.

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thank GOD!


only been saying that for about 5 years...


the K.I.S.S. method. c'mon Shurmur, does the fanbase need to start consulting you or what?!?!


due to his size, speed, quickness, football mind, toughness, vision, and supreme open field tackling ability i always thought he'd woulda been an incredible safety too. but RAC needed to see it too>>unfortunately it's kinda late for that one now.


but...at running back i believe he could step right in and have nice impact. using him outside the tackles like Marty did with Byner he can really gash a defense fast. he can also block like he weighs 250 lbs and pick up the blitz no problem. he's a great safety valve/last resort for McCoy on a dump off...or as a first option on a screen. TONS of options there.

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With Hillis out? That's crap - we love watching him play....


Hardesty and Cribbs at rb? It should be really some fun stuff to watch.


Maybe we see Smith on a pass out of the backfield once or twice.


I'm going to DVR THIS one for certain and watch it a second time later.....

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