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Beanpot's League


The Average Joe's have been unremarkable, minding their own business flying, unnoticed, under the radar as Average Joe's usually do. This week, the Average Joe's got our attention by becoming the only undefeated team in the league. Eli Manning (29) and Calvin Johnson (26) helped leave Believeland stunned, 102-81. I believe the Average Joe's ain't so average anymore.


NavDawg's Browns sent feathers flying and plastered the Redneck Roosters with paste in the widest margin of the week for Bean's League. Darren McFadden (26) and Mike Wallace (20) gave the NavDawgs the double-dip, snagging the Viagra trophy too. The Roosters were left flailing around the barnyard seeking comfort from the nearest hen and ultimately retired to the basement as the only 0-3 team. Final damage: NavDawg's Browns 108, Roosters 61.


Wait just a minute.... 108-61=47 ::counting on fingers:: 103-55= ..... uh 48!! It looks like that pasting of the Roosters wasn't the Most Massive Pasting of the week after all! Zombo's WildDawgs took sinister delight in snatching the honors away from the NavDawg Browns by trouncing the Ballantyne Buckeyes! Ryan Mathews (25) and Matt Schaub (23) and 1 (count it) one point from Steven Jackson completed the steal. ::Zombo skipping gleefully::


The Usual Suspects' Wes Welker wasn't playin' around when he posted 43 fantasy points, more than making up for zip from Frank Gore. Beanpot had no counterpunch and the Suspects took the W, 99-87 The Suspects punctuated the win with a smirk and, "It's not Personal ... It's just bidness.""


Also played:

Dot the I 106

Werewolves of Linden 82


Greenville Mayhem 85

TexChainsawMassaquoi 67

Oreo's Hangout


Choo choo's, Oreo's Team and Beanpot are currently cleaning out the basement and setting up drinks for a party. Any of you others in the League are welcome, so come on down! (and bring your teams with you.) We may be down but we're not out yet, so beware!


Gocong Or Go Home can bring the broom to the gala in the cellar because he swept the awards with a 153-84 rout of Kentucky Barn Burner. Wes Welker and a party of 5 other players in double digits racked up points and doused the Barn Burner.


DD's amassed Double Digits from everyone but Santonio Moss (9) cementing win #3 by defeating The Hammer, 125-85. The Hammer is pounding the pavement looking for a WR after losing a second game and Kenny Britt for the season.


Grab your dictionary or try this: http://dictionary.reference.com/. Now look up sidetracked, underachievers, pitiful, pathetic, or sorry. Do you see a picture of Choo Choo's?? Well, you should because this team was expected to post something in the neighborhood of 91 points this week. Choo Choo's should have run down the Bronx Browns but ran off the rails instead. Browns 66, Choo Choo's 37. Ouch.


Kamac19 suffered an ignominious defeat (remember that dictionary thing??) at the hands of hammertime. Michael Vick's broken hand along with a zip from the NYJ defense delivered the W to hammertime 85-62.


Also played (feel free to ignore these):

Beanpot 44

Dirty Hands 110


Oreo's Team 53

Lambdo's Air Show 66

The Heidi Report

My Helmet's 2Tight 2-1-0 81

stewartcj1 1-2-0 37


My Helmet's 2Tight's top scorers for week 3 are Aaron Rodgers with 21 and Roddy White with 18

stewartcj1's top scorers are Sidney Rice with 15 and Kellen Winslow and Lawrence Tynes both with 3 pts each.


RunninUover 0-2-1 69

Brownies 2-1-0 126


RunninUover is what these Brownies said to their opponent this week as the collected win #2.

RunninUover's top scorers this week are Ahmad Bradshaw with 19 and Larry Fitzgerald with 15.

Brownies big players for week 3 are the recipient of this week's Viagra Award, Wes Welker with a huge 43 points and Jermichael Finley with an impressive 30 pts.


Ballantyne Bruisers 3-0-0 140

Football is back 2-1-0 70


Week #3 has brought win #3 for Ballantyne Bruisers and this week's Biggest Blowout Award with a +70 pts. for Bruisers as well.

Ballantyne Bruisers best players this week were Calvin Johnson and Darren McFadden both with 26 and Ryan Mathews with 25.

Football is back's top scorers in week 3 were Drew Brees with a very respectable 25 points and Mike Thomas and Sebastian Janikowski both with 13.


fatherof3 2-1-0 68

Peyton's Posse 1-2-0 90


This week's Squeaker Of The Week Award goes to this matchup with a point difference of 22 points, victory going to Peyton's Posse.


fatherof3's top players for week 3 are LeSean McCoy who had 17 pts and Maurice Jones- Drew with 14.

Peyton's Posse big players were Stevie Johnson with 20 and Colt McCoy and Robert Meachem both with 14.


Cleveland Steamers 3-0-0 113

Believeland Browns 0-3-0 70


While Steamers gets his 3rd win of the young season, he handed Believeland Browns his 3rd straight loss.

Cleveland Steamers top players for the week were Fred Jackson and Mike Wallace both with 20 and Matthew Stafford with a close 19 points

Believeland Browns top players were Ray Rice and Tim Hightower both with 15.


why cant we win 0-3-0 73

The Korky Butcheks 1-1-1 106


Unfortunately it's beginning to look a lot like last season for why cant we win with his 3rd straight loss being handed to him courtesy of The Korky Butcheks first official win in week 3.

why cant we win's top players in week 3 are Matt Schaub with 23 and Greg Jennings and Adrian Peterson both with 16.

The Korky Butcheks big players are Rob Gronkowski with 26 pts and Tom Brady with 23.


Congrats to this weeks award winners and now on to week 4!

The Great Zomboni


Flea Flickers 131

Zombo's Real McCoys 68 Final


BigBadDawgs 95

Huskymania 85 Final


TXChainsawMassaquois 129

Burning River 72 Final


Calfox KosarDawgs 84

Mr. Freeze's Snowmen 44 Final


Team InglewoodJack 83

Polk High 71 Final


Bermeck's Ky Hicks 83

Jake24 75 Final


1. TXChainsawMassaquois 3-0-0 1.000 322 201 W-3 5 9

2. Bermeck's Ky Hicks 3-0-0 1.000 298 238 W-3 10 3

3. Flea Flickers 2-1-0 .667 331 232 W-1 8 2

4. Zombo's Real McCoys 2-1-0 .667 285 324 L-1 4 5

5. Burning River 2-1-0 .667 269 263 L-1 11 10

6. Team InglewoodJack 2-1-0 .667 268 258 W-2 7 3

7. Jake24 1-2-0 .333 262 243 L-1 3 1

8. Polk High 1-2-0 .333 247 267 L-2 6 6

9. BigBadDawgs 1-2-0 .333 239 296 W-1 1 3

10. Calfox KosarDawgs 1-2-0 .333 208 252 W-1 9 4

11. Huskymania 0-3-0 .000 264 335 L-3 12 2

12. Mr. Freeze's Snowmen 0-3-0 .000 197 281 L-3 2 3




Game of the Week:

delawaredestroyers 64

Browns57 75



Game Ball Winner*

Albino Rhinos 56

*Utzie 144



Delhomme Underachiever of the Week*

TurkeyJones 92

*jrb12711 34



Browns149 124

Believeland Browns 100



delawaredestroyers 64

Browns57 75



brizonx brownz 56

Beef Jerky Warriors 92



LCD's Dawgs! 45

Golf Wang Hooligans 108



Current Standings:


1. Utzie 3-0-0

2. Browns149 2-1-0

3. Golf Wang Hooligans 2-1-0

4. Beef Jerky Warriors 2-1-0

5. TurkeyJones 2-1-0

6. Believeland Browns 2-1-0

7. LCD's Dawgs! 2-1-0

8. Browns57 2-1-0

9. Albino Rhinos 1-2-0

10. delawaredestroyers 0-3-0

11. brizonx brownz 0-3-0

12. jrb12711 0-3-0

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