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Judgement Weekend


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Both sides meet this weekend to try n reach an agreement. David Stern is rumored to cancel the season this weekend if theres no movement towards a deal. There has got to be some sort of deal between the two. It would absolutely suck if we didnt have games this year. Had the NBA League Pass every year since High School and can't imagine not watching the games this year.


Let's Go Knicks

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Id actually enjoy a year without basketball.


What part of New York do you live in?

I actually live here in cleveland. I know it sounds weird cuz ive always been a huge browns fan all my life, but I was never a Cavs fan. Maybe because like everybody else I grew up loving MJ. I've followed Melo since his days at Oak Hill and love watching him play. So Im routing for the knicks to fire D'Antonio so we can play some damn defense n contend for a ring. Just love watching every team in the league play to be honest with you, basketballs the most athletic/entertaining sport to watch.

I take it your a Cavs fan?

Not too much buzz on this site for the NBA tho

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