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Peyton Hillis Got Snubbed?


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hillis for one thing plays for our cleveland browns. the browns stigma starts him off on a lower tier in the eyes of most experts. but man.... did you see the cut of some of those guys??? :blink:

and another point, did you notice that a few of our browns got honorable mention? but how many made the top 100? if i remember right, only hillis. just one of the things we have to deal with as browns fans. hopefully our guys will gain more respect when we can build ourselves back to respectability. :rolleyes:

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Mik, he hasn't been hurt much at all. His agent told him to fake it under the auspices of getting a bigger 2012 contract. It backfired and now it's out of control.


Please stop with this Hillis bullshit. Do you guys not realize he is done in Cleveland, for good?


I think I am with you on this Ghoolie. Where do you think he will end up?

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Peyton Hillis' troublesome hamstring is reportedly still an "angry" black and blue, and he remains without a return date.

We'd advise to pick up Hillis in any fantasy leagues where he's been dropped because he will easily reclaim the Browns' starting job from Chris Ogbonnaya when healthy, but he's not going to help for the foreseeable future. According to beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot, Hillis' injury "still looks pretty bad." He was quickly ruled out for Week 10, suggesting a Week 11 return isn't likely either.


According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, "nobody expects" Peyton Hillis to re-sign with the Browns.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported last week that the Browns are expected to let Hillis walk, so it's hardly a surprise Schefter's (likely well connected) sources agree. Schefter believes "Dallas makes as much sense as any other potential landing spot" for Hillis in free agency.


I think Hillis is gone. I don't think he likes the WC offense, and he's wanting a huge contract to continue behind the Browns' 3/4 of an offensive line,


knowing that his running style doesn't make for a long career anyways.



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