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Japan To Resum Illegal Whale Hunts In Antartic


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don't know how many of you are familiar with the animal planet series 'whale wars', but basically it follows the efforts of the sea shepard conservation society as they try and stop the killing of hundreds of whales every year by japanese fishermen who openly violate international law by hunting these animals.


we thought they were gone................but they're at it again.



TOKYO (AP) — Japan will go ahead with its whaling program in the Antarctic later this year under heightened security to fend off activists who have vowed to disrupt the annual hunt, the country's fisheries minister said.

Japan's whale hunts have become increasingly tense in recent years because of clashes with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The most recent expedition was cut short after several high-seas confrontations, and it was unclear whether the hunt would be held at all this year.

But fisheries minister Michihiko Kano said Tuesday that measures would be taken to ensure the whalers' safety, and that the hunt would go ahead. It is expected to begin in December.

"We intend to carry out the research after enhancing measures to assure that it is not obstructed," he said.

Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986, but Japan conducts whale hunts in the Antarctic and the northwestern Pacific under an exception that allows limited kills for research purposes.

Japan's government claims the research is needed to provide data on whale populations so that the international ban on commercial whaling can be re-examined — and, Japan hopes, lifted — based on scientific studies.

Opponents say the program is a guise for keeping Japan's dwindling whaling industry alive. The Sea Shepherd group, which is already rallying to block the upcoming hunt, has been particularly dogged in its efforts to stop the kills.

Last year's season was marred by repeated incidents with Sea Shepherd vessels, one of which sank after colliding with a Japanese ship. The boat's captain, New Zealander Peter Bethune, was later arrested when he boarded a whaling ship from a Jet Ski, and brought back to Japan for trial.

He was convicted of assault, vandalism and three other charges and given a suspended prison term. Bethune has since returned to New Zealand.

Sea Shepherd recently announced that it is calling its effort to obstruct the December expedition "Operation Divine Wind" — a reference to the "kamikaze" suicide missions carried out by the Japanese military in World War II.

Though vilified by anti-whaling organizations around the world, the government's strong pro-whaling position has the support of the Japanese public, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted among 1,000 people in July and August.

Fifty-two percent favor it, 35 percent are neutral and 13 percent are opposed, the poll found. It has a margin of error of 3.8 percentage points.

Once a common item on school lunch menus, whale meat can be found in stores and restaurants in Japan. But, because of its relatively high price, it is generally regarded as a gourmet food by the public.

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What makes em so illegal? did they kill Willy?




what makes it illegal is that they are hunting species that the japanese goverment has agreed are on the endangered/threatened list when they signed the international endangered species act...........oh, also they are hunting these animals in a multinational antartic wildlife preserve in the southern ocean.



not to mention that the whalers got a 27million dollar bailout from their goverment.............you know, the goverment that just got tons of foreign aid because of the natural and nuclear disasters it has been victim of.

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I have watched that show a good bit. Japan couldn't care less if/THAT they are violating the laws.




That's a sick joke.


Too bad the Japanese gov didn't get the whaling ship's crew that ran straight over the anti whaling ship.


They plastered it on purpose.


Nope, Japan needs to be shut down. It's time for the United States Navy to get there, and just stop it.


Sure, the UN, but it's totally corrupt, so........

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so you want to have a protest because some jap whalers are feeding hungry people? those whale wars creeps are stupid for steering a boat in front of a ship. what the hell did they expect was going to happen. some countries have put those idiots on terrorist watch lists.




well first, you're a complete moron. not to mention you have ZERO idea what you're talking about. whale meat is VERY expensive. VERY VERY expensive. your idiotic statement of using it to "feed hungry people" is like saying hungry people rely on caviar (let me dumb it down for you, fillet mignot) to live. it's japanese business men and social elites that eat it.



secondly, it's been proven and agreed upon (by international maritime law experts and lawyers) that it was the whalers fault for the collision and destruction of the Sea Sheperd vessel the "Ady Gill". the Ady was prettymuch dead in the water because they had ran out of fuel. maritime law dictates that "a ship of any size MUST make a course change and give way for a vessel that is disabled or damaged".



third, they're not only NOT a terrorist group............they are in fact a US registered and recognized 'non-profit' organization. they are also registered and recognized as such in the UK, australia, new zealand, netherlands, germany, france, spain, chile and about a dozen other countries.



and finally, you really should ask your parents before you use a computer little buddy.

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Why doesn't someone just go pirate and start sinking their ships? They're violating laws that pretty much the whole world agrees on. Who the hell would try to bring anyone who does this to justice?




well, the japanese almost had a nasty run in with the chilean coast gaurd last season. they were trying to shake the Sea Sheperds by going through chilean controlled waters when they were issued a warning that they would be arrested if they came within chilean waters. they even sent an armed coast gaurd cutter to back it up...........whalers saw that and turned tail......right back into the waiting Sea Sheperds.

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