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Jim Brown Is Still Amazing!


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Last night I went to a fundraiser event that Jim and his wife created to keep inner city kids from joining gangs. Bill Russell, George Foreman, Calvin Murphy, and many other greats were there. The whole thing was fantastic.


Now a little backstory. When I was a teen right before my father died, he handed me a little metal box with a lock on it and told me the things inside it meant more to him than anything in his house. That no matter what he wanted me to keep it safe and never sell any of it. Well there was lots of cool stuff from back in the day in it, but 2 things in it i have obsessed about ever since. One was a 1964 Jim Brown football card and the other was a football shaped armband that the press wore to the Eagles-Browns game from 1950 that he attended as an infant(or so he said). Now back to the post.


As I was leaving the fundraiser last night when guess whose walking down the hall with his wife and friends.....that's right Jim Brown. When he seen me approaching he reach out his hand for a handshake and to thank me for coming. I gladly shook his hand and asked him if he had a moment to look at something near and dear to me. I pulled the card and the armband out and showed them to him. He stared at them longer than I expected as if he was remembering the times old as he studied them. He then looked at me and said "that's amazing", "where did you get these?". I told him basically what I just told you and he quickly pulled out a pen and signed them both. He shook my hand again and told me "don't ever lose these" just like my father did. One of the greatest moments of my life that I will never forget. Thanks Jim your still amazing.

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