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Didn't See The Game


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All right guys. All I know is the Browns lost 24-17. That is it. Can someone give me a break down of what happened this time. I mean completely objective insult free break down of what took place. I live in Savannah, Ga so I may get to see the Browns play once a year. I'm starting to believe that you guys saying the same stuff over and over again is not just cynicism. I've been a Browns fan since a child and I too want to see a winning team. I stand by what I say when I talk about continuity, building through draft, and wise free agent spending. But clearly the status quo isn't cutting it. In spirit of what Ghoolie was talking about in his latest thread....I agree with him about the ownership not giving a damn. However, I doubt he has the $970 million to buy the team. I know I don't and I doubt the rest of you do either. So the question remains what do we do as fans? Do we pretend the team doesn't exist? What happens from here? I'll stop because I've changed the subject once. But those few questions fellas: What happened with this game? Does anyone have 970 million to take the team off Lerner's hands? What do we do from here as fans? Your thoughts gentleman.....

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I'm a season ticket holder and I'm sitting here today feeling bad for my brothern who have plunked down just as big of money to fly in from all over this great planet to see these clowns and spend money in this great city.


I'm merely in it for the camraderie of my fellow suffering Browns fan-friends. This is just horrible.


You don't need a run-down of the game, because there wasn't a game. We were not even close to winning yesterdays game. The Browns offense was horrible and the only constellation is/was that the Raider fans have got to be flat-out embarrassed that their team actually played down to our level in order to even keep the game semi-close (score wise). WE know that we suck, but the Raiders needed two successful TD-scoring special teams plays to beat us by a single touchdown ... in honor of Al Davis.


The NFL is the worst football played today in this great Nation. Pathetic game of mistakes is all it comes down too. The epic storyline was "Will the Raiders beat themselves, or will the Ref's balance the game for entertainment value" ... and the Ref's won a close one.


Thank-God for Beer.

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