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Just some data about upcoming sports events:


A. St. Louis plays Texas (Dallas essentially) in the World Series. FYI, this is the first time in history that any teams from these two cities will oppose each other in the finals of a major North American Team sport...baseball, football, basketball, hockey.


B. In the past, St. Louis has won the following major team sport titles: 10 World Series, 1 NBA title, 1 NFL title. A St. Louis team last won a title in 2006 when the Cardinals won the World Series that year.


C. In the past, Dallas team have won 6 football titles (1 AFL title, 5 NFL titles), 1 NHL title, and one NBA title. A Dallas team last won a title, of course, just this summer when the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title. FYI, if the Rangers win, every other major league team in Dallas will have won a title since the Cowboys won one. The Dallas Stars won the NHL in 1999, and this year the Mavs and the Rangers if they win will have won. The Cowboys last won in 1995.


D. Also, if the Rangers win, then Dallas will become the second city to have all championships in all 4 major sports in the last 20 years, joining Boston.


E. Of the 124 franchises in the 4 major sports, only 7 have gone longer than the Texas Rangers (nee Washington Senators) without a championship since the Rangers/Senators creation in 1961 in their existance. Those are the Chicago Cubs, Arizona/St. Louis/Chicago Cardinals, the Cleveland Indians, the Sacramento Kings (nee KC Kings/Cincinnati/Rochester Royals), the Detroit Lions, Atlanta/St. Louis Hawks, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Rangers are also tied with the Minnesota Vikings who also originated in 1961 and the Tenn. Titans/Houston Oilers who won their last title in 1961.


F. The Texas Rangers are 0-1 in the World Series. The St. Louis Cardinals are 10-7 in WS appearances. The Cardinals have won more WS than any other team not called The Yankees. This is also their 18th appearance, tieing them for second with the Giants and Dodgers (behind the Yanks).

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