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Of Course Occupy Wall St Protestors Are About Freeloading And Handouts.


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They want to overturn our economic system. They figure everybody could get a giant "piece of the wall st pie".


They have the support of the communist party. They have the support of all socialists....


it's a marxist revolution - a precursor to violence.


It's wanting riches that others have, though they haven't earned it... they just WANT to be bailed out with our tax money, so THEY


can live like richer people do.


What next? Farms? State parks? National parks taken over,squatted on? All of us farmers "stole" our patch of mother earth from them?


It's marxist class warfare, and this corrupt pres has encouraged it 100 %.


But, they can't just take over farms and raid "rich" peoples homes while they have guns.... so they want guns out of private ownership.


That is, until THEY are the ones who have them. Well, that's how it works in other countries - Venzuela.... Cuba, countries around the world.


It's just a sick, twisted, insane greed - a game of "gimme yo money and yo car, sucka" on a subcultural level.


They are demanding gov money ... to them. Spread the wealth. Steal from those who worked and have, to give to those who


haven't worked to earn, but want anyways.





"There was also a boost for Occupy Wall Street on Saturday when Martin Luther King III, son of slain black civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, said at a new memorial in Washington that his father would have joined the protest.


"We have bailed out the auto industry, and we should have. We bailed out Wall Street. Now it's time to bail out working Americans. That's what this is about," he said."

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