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Football Gameplan's Week 7 Preview Video - Cle V Sea


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Um, OK, a few points.

Em Diggy says the Browns can't stop the run...that may be true as far as running wide is concerned because as he rightly points out the Browns OLBs are slow. But the Browns are good at stopping the inside run.

Also he says the Seahawks should throw to their tight ends because our OLBs can't cover them.

I guess that is true too.

So, our OLBs can't stop the run and can't cover the pass. What does that say about them?


He also says the Browns cannot run the ball. I don't believe that is true. They can run the ball when they want to and when they are healthy. Hillis's health has been an issue and Hardesty is a bit unreliable.


He also says the Browns don't go vertical because they run the WCO. While that is true, Em Diggy also says that they do have the talent to go vertical, they just don't do it.

Sorry Em Diggy, you haven't been watching the Browns apparently. They don't go vertical much because they DON"T have the talent to go vertical. I am not sure how you could have gotten that fact wrong. (or perhaps you just disagree? If so, yes, then, I would beg to differ with you)

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Analysis sounds about right to me however titus brown will be replacing flopjita and its better to be slow and solid as opposed to slow and weak.


Meanwhile suckcong will make sure first downs are abundant for the seahawks by land and air..

Yes we have craptastic OLBs..


If the browns start getting some line gel and get the timing down on the crossing patterns and in turn open up the running/vertical game the browns will be hard to beat..


Im going to be a homer this week and say the browns start to click on Offense and win 34-20

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