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Vontaze Burfict Vs Zach Brown


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A couple guys said they wanted Burfict, but even though he's a terror - he isn't that smart - he is extremely aggressive and hard hitting ...


even hitting the guy who doesn't have the ball. As in, all sorts of penalties. That isn't a team guy, or a guy who can cover, or adjust to cutback runners....


forget him. He doesn't fit the Browns.


The guy you should want, is Zach Miller. blazing speed, excellent pass rusher, excellent pass defender, excellent instincts and he loves the game,... oh, and he's


freakin smart. He isn't 250 lbs like Burfict... he's 230. But he's the guy I'd draft.


Vonaze? He's not smart, lacks instincts and awareness, not a team player... I predict he'll go to the Bengals, and end up in trouble with the law.


Do some research on the two players. ... btw, we already have Jackson and Titus Brown in the middle, and both are serious players.

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I can't say I would be disappointed if the browns took Burfict, but I do agree Zach Brown fills a pass-rushing need and is the quickest linebacker this year.


He needs to put on some weight as you said but he would be a great upgrade for Fujita who is more of a team leader than an effective outside linebacker.


However, I feel he would be a good fit with our later first round pick but not the first but a steal if he would somehow fall into the second round.

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It's too bad... but Burfict is another one of those physical players with a mean streak... that ends up being a locker room cancer, and hurts his team again and again with


penalties and really, really stupid plays. The Browns will NOT draft him.


I look for him to go to the Raiders and be a bust.


Here's some stuff on him:


(btw, my theory is, that dirtbags never grow up.....)


Burfict going after a qb's knee....


Headbutting OSU's qb


The coach starts another guy because of issues with Burfict.


etc etc etc...


"throws punch in third quarter"


"Throws punch in fourth quarter"


"grabs offensive lineman's facemask and chokes him"


Here's one - the guy running with the ball, is Marecic -Burfict led with head into his helmet, got unsportsmanlike conduct.... again


Then Burfict gets ANOTHER penalty, for jumping onto the back of an offensive lineman to get high and block a punt....



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like how you put only the bad you tube videos, show the you tube of him blowing up plays,crushing QBs, destroying running backs...There is a guy in Baltimore who killed someone!!! How did he turn out!!! and he was Burfict 18 yrs ago in Miami Tampa


Then you like how I proved my point. Of course there are video's of him doing great things. He's a monster.


Everybody knows that. I was just saying, that he isn't smart, doesn't have much in the way of team work ethic...


he's stupid, he does a lot of really stupid stuff that won't be tolerated in the NFL even.


When a college coach has to NOT PLAY him, because he is hurting the team. come on, man.


That doesn't fly in the pros, especially with the TEAM the Browns are going to put finishing touches on.


Now, if the Browns find out that he isn't really stupid, and has grown up... well, they will make the right decision.


See, that's why I SAID that I don't think really dirty dirtbags never grow up. It's just my opinion, I don't make the decision for the Browns. Get a grip on yourself.

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I would stay away from Burfict. I live here in AZ and am an ASU fan. I watch every game and Burfict is more hype than substance. He has the ability to make plays, but disappears too often and relies on his attitude, which is costly all too often.

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