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Week 7 Fantasy Wrap


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It appears our commish has given up on posting updates so here is ours for week 7.


Week 7 was the most exciting week thus far. Going into week 7 Utzie sat alone at 6-0 having narrowly escaped defeat again in week 6. Browns 57, Browns149 and Golf Wang Hooligans were all 1 game back chasing at 5-1. Beginning with week 6 top teams began to go head-to-head. How did they fare?


Browns57 92

Beef Jerky Warriors 65

Browns 57 put up yet another impressive week and blew out Beef Jerky Warriors. A special thank you goes out to both Joe Flacco and Ray Rice for their crap performance on Monday Night. This score should have been much closer.



TurkeyJones 92

LCD's Dawgs! 95

LCD's Dawgs who put up a great score this week and just edged out Turkey Jones. Arian Foster with 37! hello!


Browns149 65

brizonx brownz 75

Wow Browns149 fielded a terrible team due to four players on a bye this week to drop back to 5-2 and fall two games back. Colston helped power Browns149 to victory.



Believeland Browns 98*

Albino Rhinos 31

The game ball goes to Believeland Browns powered by Drew Brees and Darren Sproles who combined for 60 by themselves!


jrb12711 13

delawaredestroyers 76

Nice game by the Destroyers. George Thorogood was impressed.


Utzie 76

Golf Wang Hooligans 70


Utzie won again as his team underperformed for a second week but his competition had a tough week as well.



So heading into week 8 here are the standings:



1. Utzie 7-0-0

2. Browns57 6-1-0

3. Browns149 5-2-0

4. Golf Wang Hooligans 5-2-0

5. TurkeyJones 4-3-0

6. Believeland Browns 4-3-0

7. Beef Jerky Warriors 3-4-0

8. LCD's Dawgs! 3-4-0

9. brizonx brownz 2-5-0

10. Albino Rhinos 1-6-0

11. delawaredestroyers 1-6-0

12. jrb12711 1-6-0


This week Browns 57 takes on Utzie for 1st place with his top player on a bye week. STAY TUNED!

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