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Halloween Costumes


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I am already thinking about my costume for next year. Can't be anything really clever because my kids. Maybe just a scarecrow.



Personally I don't dress up for Halloween anymore but I'm certainly not gonna knock on anyone who does. If you're thinking of costumes for next year that are semi-kid friendly, here's 2 ideas. 1) Get a bunch of those little individual single serve breakfast cereal boxes, pin them randomly all over your clothes. Then, stick little plastic knives in them & have fake blood dripping from them and poof...you're a cereal killer.


Idea 2) Wear, a Hawiian shirt, baggy shorts, sandels with socks, sunglasses, sunblock on your nose, and a sun visor with a folded map tucked it and last but not least, a camera around your neck and you are a tourist! I suggested this to a friend of mine and he won best costume at the party. Just throwing it out there.

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