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Candlestick Park Hurt My Neck


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I'm suing. I attended the game at Candelstick Park today, or at least I tried too. I had seats that faced a perpendictular direction than where the field was. What the Fuck era was that stadium from the 50's? I actually got hit by a foul ball while facing the sides of other fans. I'm sueing.


While I was walking to my car a homo pinched my ass and an earth quake crack opened up and ate my grandma.


I found my soccer ball in the high grass in left field.


That stadium sucks.

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LOL, we save those seats for the out of town rubes or give them to the blind kids - I hope you didn't actually pay for those.


I didn't actually pay for the seats, I was at the Sharper Image and bought a spy-scope that allows you to see around corners, and the tickets were included.

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