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Why Doesn't Shurmer Get It?


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Week after week, i've watched Colt move the sticks when running a roll-out plays. He delivers the ball pretty accurately or tucks it in for positive yards.


Despite this, Shurmer insists on making the QB throw from a pocket that doesn't exist. Why not force the D to deal with the roll-outs? Why not go with your strengths until the opposing D catches up and responds? Then counterpunch.


i think there are some TD's in our future if Shurmer uses some imagination. i have seen none.


BTW, screw any of you guys that gets on me about the spelling of his name. i'm going to spell it the way he pronounces it, until he earns my respect. Shurmer's unimagination is going to get our QB hurt pretty bad.


Was he really an Offensive Coordinator?

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oh, he calls some roll outs and sprints.....to the right. colt cant throw across his body.


another thing ive read is that he insists on colt playing from under center...which limits his time to scan the field. its obvious to anyone with eyes he plays better from the no huddle and shotgun.


but its not about winning...its about running his system how he wants it run.

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