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More Obamao/dems Stink


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Yep. Obamao and his corrupt "Justice Dept" want the authority to withhold documents, ... to be allowed to LIE about their existence.

Remember the "transparency" promise all over the country? Another lie that even Heck can't defend, even if he were hypnotized by Holder.




Meanwhile, Obamao and co. have played the race card, and class warfare card, to the Marxist hilt. Violence is now being threatened again and again.

And crime is going up.... and yes, we should all start considering buying a good weapon, a pistol, and getting a CC permit to defend ourselves.

I swear the time is soon coming that we will get that permit, along with some of our friends.




Yes, the LIAR-in-chief is going to dump more and more of our budget into buying votes before 2012. And he thinks Congress

is just a place where he can forget when he wants to. IOW's, he is defying the will of the people of the United States when he feels like it.

That is what ALL Marxists do. Obamao is our Chavez. Obamao's arrogance is off the charts mental disorder right before our very eyes.

And, it is being noticed all across the country.




Yep. Heck can deny it all he wants, and libs can be frightened to be honest about it, and they can all lie and wail and change the subject

all they want. but it's bs. We told the truth about it before. this is a nice article on the subject of the gov, controlled by Dems in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,

as well as several other orgs.... going after banks to force them to make bad loans to people color who had bad credit. Housing crisis.


Get over the denial of the truth.



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