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This Is Not Good


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Thanks to a tip from commenter RyInCBus, we come across this bit of information from the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi-


Not since the 2002 Buccaneers has a team won the Super Bowl running the pure West Coast offensive exclusively. Seattle was a Super Bowl participant in 2006, but this long drought begs the question: Is the West Coast offense dead? Some teams, like the Saints, Eagles and Packers, run concepts of the West Coast, but they are not an exclusive West Coast team. The only team remaining that is exclusively West Coast is the Browns, and they might want to expand their package to include a more diversified system. The Browns need more playmakers and a better quarterback, but more importantly they need to add to their offense.


Writing about the Browns offense leads me to a game I play every week at NFL Films. I sit in my office in Mt Laurel, N.J., put the Browns offense on my screen and call a friend who was a coach in the league, but is now in between successes. I tell my friend the personnel group, the formation, where the ball is located on the field and what hash mark and describe the motion — if there is any — and ask him to tell me the exact play that will be run. He is correct about 95 percent of the time. No lie. The Browns are so integrated into the West Coast system that their predictability is becoming legendary around the league.


Well, there you go Browns fans. Whether this ‘game’ Lombardi talks about is real or figurative, factored in with the comments from the Raiders game about someone tipping plays and the impression all season that the opposing team knows even the snap count I would have to say there is a certain measure of truth to this report. The question is what will the Browns do about it?

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I read this earlier and it is so true. Even I can predict plays at home, no joke. My only football experience other than television is from playing Madden (although I am pretty good at it). But seriously, this offense is horrible and I don't see how Mike Holmgren can be satisfied with the coaching job of Pat Shurmer. We are ABSOLUTELY worse on offense than last year with Mangini. It's easy for defenses to defend a ten-yard box. We need to push the ball downfield every once and a while. This thing is a joke.

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One of the biggest complaints i had with mangini/dabol was that i could pretty much read the play before the ball was snapped and it has become without fail that i can read shurmurs offensive playbook..


I like to compare shurmurs failure as an "offensive minded" coach as him being less offensive minded than mangini was and that should say a lot..

Frankly nothing this offense is doing can or should work well against any nfl caliber defenses and this article is head on..


The way shurmur tries to put square blocks in a circular hole with this offense says it all, the guy is not the next up and coming offensive messiah for sure and like his predecessor manweenie he lacks the creativity and perhaps even the skillset to coordinate let alone coach at this level..


(1)Colt should be positioned in the shotgun formation much more often as it is very natural to him..

(2)Armond smith and carolton mitchell should both be on the field for some serious crunchtime evaluation and much needed speed to help colt out..

(3)Running short crossing patterns consistently with average or below speed WRs and TEs against 10 men in the box is almost always going to net little to nothing and is Retarded..

(4)Shurmur is generally a bad/predictable playcaller on both second and third downs..

(5) Jauron should be promoted to the head coach while shurmur learns how to be an offensive coordinator..

(6) shurmur is a more likable guy and better PR guy than mangini was but other than that he may be overall less skilled..


This whole thing has the stench of the savage/crennel era puppetmaster routine to me..

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