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Another awesome game by the boys - whoopee. Suffice to say that the Texans are simply a better team right now, but that doesn't excuse the pathetic effort that was on full display. Yeah, the team is 3-5, & they've beat the teams that are worse than them & lost to the ones that are better (actually, this supposedly cakewalk schedule is turning out to be not so much), but is it too much to ask for a little creativity, enthusiasm & heart? The highlight of the game, to be honest, was Colt's hot mom in the stands... what does that say?


I must be an idiot, because not only do I cheer for the Browns but also the Edmonton Oilers. Oil management has also been preaching patience, to build through the draft & we'll eventually get better. They finally realized that eventually is a long time away, so you need to have some veteran players, both talented & respected, that can both help the team on the field & in the locker room until the young guys (hopefully) get better. I'm not saying that the Browns FO should've went out & signed a bunch of big $ FA's, but a couple of solid veterans @ key positions (like oh, I don't know, OL & WR) could've had a real influence on the season thus far. So it would've cost some money to get a Vincent Jackson in here - so what? Who are we expecting Little, Norwood, etc. to learn their craft from?


Finally, a nomination for the no-huddle, hurry up offense. Not so much for the idea that it'll keep the defense guessing (which by design it should), but moreso for the reason that it doesn't allow the defense to make substutions; this, coupled with the fact that it's more tiring to play defense than offense, just might tire out a defense & lead to a breakdown in coverage or two. If they're going to be predictable with the playcalling, they could at least be really fast in doing it. Run one of your 10 predictable plays every 20 seconds or so - what can it hurt? If nothing else, the game will be over sooner...

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