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Most Frustrated Franchises As Of Fall 2011

The Gipper

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The Texas Rangers blew a chance to get off the carpet as one of the most frustrated franchises in major league sports. Of course, a few other teams also recently blew chances to get off the frustrated list. Here is the list of the major league franchises that have gone at least 40 years since winning a title in their existance. I list the team, the sport and the last year they won a title...or if they have never won a title, that franchise Year of Origin (YO):


1908 Chicago Cubs MLB

1947 Arizona/St. Louis/Chicago Cardinals NFL (blew recent Super Bowl when ahead in final minute.

1948 Cleveland Indians MLB (blew 1997 WS when ahead in 9th inning of 7th game)

1951 Sacramento/Kansas City/Cincinnati/Rochester Kings/Royals NBA

1957 Detroit Lions NFL

1958 Atlanta/St. Louis Hawks NBA

1960 Philadelphia Eagles NFL

1961 Tennesse Titans/Houston Oilers AFL (One yard short in 1999 SB)

.....Minnesota Vikings NFL no titles YO

.....Texas Rangers/Washington Senators MLB no titles YO (blew lead with 2 out to win WS)

1962 Houston Astros/Colt 45s MLB no titles YO

1963 San Diego Chargers AFL

1964 Cleveland Browns NFL

1965 Buffalo Bills AFL

1966 Atlanta Falcons NFL no titles YO

1967 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

.....Denver Nuggets NBA, no titles YO

.....St. Louis Blues NHL, no titles YO

.....Los Angeles Kings, no titles YO

1968 New York Jets NFL

.....Cincinnati Bengals NFL no titles YO

.....Phoenix Suns NBA no titles YO

1969 Kansas City Chiefs NFL

.....Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots MLB no titles YO

.....San Diego Padres MLB no titles YO

.....Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos MLB no titles YO

1970 Buffalo Sabres NHL no titles YO

.....Vancouver Canucks NHL no titles YO (blew 3-2 game lead in 2011 NHL Finals)

.....LA/SD Clippers/Buffalo Braves NBA no titles YO

.....Cleveland Cavaliers NBA no titles YO

1971 Milwaukee Bucks NBA


Other teams on the cusp of going 40 years with no title: Pacers, Knicks, Dolphins, Jazz, Capitols, Flyers, Warriors

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