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Colt Is Getting Beaten Up


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Colt McCoy as spotted at Browns park with "both knees wrapped" Monday.


Mildly concerning, but McCoy was able to finish Sunday's loss, and hinted he expects to practice Wednesday. McCoy's 5.7 yards per attempt, and not his knees, should be his biggest concern heading Rotoworld


The Browns WILL draft a burner wr in the first or second round next year. They WILL sign or draft a genuine, buttkicking RT. probly' in the second round.


The Browns have been through qb's and rb's.... but the problem is the same. The engine of this offense sputters and misses on the right side of the engine.


Pinkston either hits the weight room or he ends up a backup, I think. But he IS a rookie....


Putting down McCoy doesn't make sense. He at least, is very mobile and smart, makes smart decisions. He had a miscommunication with Little last weekend...


he was talking to Little about it on the sideline. But to blame Colt for getting hit and fumbling on that first drive is just ridiculous.


Other teams can interchange qb's and they still keep functioning. Go research their offensive line..... where and when they drafted them.


Go research Carolina's offensive line. Just because the TV shows the qb and the TE's and the WR's and the RB's all the time....


watch the offensive line play. BTW, I wish I could figure out how to do slow motion with Dish Network. We have DVR now.


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When teams stack 7-8 in the box the whole game its hard to avoid pressure. The browns passing attack just isn't threatening at all. They need to spread the field first. The o-line just gets too bombarded all the time. a solid RT and WR could help immensely. Also a healthy Hillis

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I'm starting to be convinced by Canton Mike about the Browns drafting a rb. If Hillis won't accept a contract the size of


Gocong's, well, he's going to be gone, I think. So far, I'm wanting a CB, and a WR, RB and LB in the first round,


and a RT, and OG/T in the second round.


choices, choices, choices. Then there's always the few who want a QB in the first and second rounds. @@

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