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First Amendment


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I'm really disappointed in the police to be honest.


They didn't use a mass riot stun grendade on em, and send em to Gitmo.


That would stop the rapes, the gay perversion, the illegal drug use, the pushing of


grandmothers down stairs, the rock throwing, the threats, the killings, the garbage,


the intended breaking and entering of homes where nobody lives... or aren't home......


Leave it to Vapor to defend those stinkie tuberculosis people who go the the bathroom


on private citizens' porches, and shout down anyone who they disagree with, and spt


their TB on police. BTW, that pervert who was molesting boys at Penn State? He was gay. so, there ya go.

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Cal, once again you prove yourself an idiot by ignoring what's in the video, and attacking some phantom enemy of yours that isn't really there. These people aren't doing any of what you just mentioned, so try thinking before you speak. I know you have a low IQ, but you can probably do a little better if only you tried.


I'm still trying to figure out the point you're trying to make about the pervert at Penn State. A pervert is a pervert, some of them are gay (Catholic priests, I'm looking at you), some of them molest little girls. Is molesting little boys worse than molesting little girls? Please answer this, I can't wait to hear your "logic."

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Citizen! It has recently come to our attention that you wish to exercise your first amendment freedoms. In order to ensure compliance with Free Speech Safety standards please obey the following rules to ensure that your protest in conducted properly.


  • You can exercise your rights in a designated Free Speech Zone. Anyone who is caught outside specified zones participating in a free speech action will be beaten and jailed.
  • You must apply for a permit to designate a Free Speech Zone. To apply for a permit please contact the Board of Permitting and Public Safety. It is expected that you will have your sanitation, safety, education, environmental impact and concessions permits before applying. Anyone found participating in a free speech action without a permit will be beaten and jailed.
  • Free Speech Zones operate between the hours of 9am - 5pm, anyone caught participating in a free speech action outside of those times will be beaten and jailed.
  • All citizens participating in free speech actions must be properly dressed to identify themselves to authorities, corporate representatives and interested third parties. These uniforms can be purchased at several Free Speech Distribution Authorities located throughout your community. Anyone caught participating in a free speech action without proper attire will be beaten and jailed.
  • No items will be allowed to be carried into the Free Speech Zone. Anything that is not attached directly to your person or is out of compliance with the standard Free Speech Zone attire protocol will confiscated before entering the Free Speech Zone. Those caught with foreign items are subject to beatings and possible incarceration at the officers discretion. Any property confiscated will be promptly destroyed.


The first amendment is important to us, and we hope by obeying these simple rules you can make our community a safer and happier place.


Good luck with your free speech action!

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