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Jason Garret

We need Tom Tupa

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PFT reports that he has interviewed for HC with Denver and St Louis, and might interview with Detroit. At a minimum, this signals to me that he'd be willing to entertain offers, contrary to some speculation that he would sit and wait for the job in Dallas. For those that are concerned about his inability to handle the TO situation in Dallas, PFT also addresses that:

While it’s debatable whether Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett actually has the peacemaking skills of a Henry Kissinger, Garrett is being credited for his ability to mend fences within the Cowboys’ combustible locker room.


Cowboys guard Montrae Holland has told the Denver Post, via the Dallas Cowboys’ official site, that Garrett was a positive force in defusing a high-profile conflict that flared up between wide receiver Terrell Owens and quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten.


“Jason let them be men and talk it out,” Holland said. “He went up to them and said, ‘What’s going on? What can we do to get past this so we can get back to football?’ He’s a communicator. He listens to the players when the players come off the field.”


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Dallas is rumored to WANT him to go. He had a really rough year and the sheen if off. I think they're squaring up for one of the big dudes in 2010.


They might be making a run at Shanahan next year and he has his own people. I too think they are willing to let him go.

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