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Interesting coaching statistic, hope for the future....

Buck The Frowns

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I heard this on ESPN radio today so it must be true. They said that 9 of the last 15 Super Bowls have been won by coaches who have been fired. Didn't check it out but it sounds plausible. Mangini represents some hope, but the Browns are a tough team to reconstruct. Here is my reasoning. If you have a really bad team like the Bengals or Lions it is hard to draft badly because you pick high and have needs everywhere. If you have a kind of middling team like the Browns (based on my asessment of the true talent level and not the comparative records) it's harder to know who to get rid of and who to keep. Do you build on what you have or blow it up?

Given that the Browns have to play Pittsburgh twice and Baltimore twice each year, guaranteed, how do you construct your team? The way things are done now most coaches have three years to win or they are out looking for work again and someone else gets a shot. Is three years enough time to build a team to do that?

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