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Baltimore Factoids

The Gipper

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Miscellaneous facts about Raven/Browns and Baltimore in general:




1. The Browns are 7-12 all time against the Ravens.




2. The Browns and Ravens have never met in postseason play. However, the Browns and the Baltimore Colts did meet 3 times: 1964 Browns won 27-0 NFL title game


1968 Colts won 34-0 "NFL title game" Prelude to Super Bowl III


1971 Colts won 20-3 division playoff game




3. The Ravens are actually the third franchise Baltimore has had in the NFL. The first was the original Baltimore Colts that began play in 1947 in the AAFC a year after the Browns. In 1950 those Colts moved with the Browns, 49ers, and the New York Yanks into the NFL. However, they only lasted one year before folding after the 1950 season. The second Baltimore Colts began play in 1953 out of the remnants of the original Dallas Texans...who only played one year...1952. (playing 2 of their home games in the Akron Rubber Bowl). They of course played in Baltimore until 1983 when Robert Irsay moved them to Indianapolis




4. The Browns were 7-0 against the original Colts franchise. They are 13-11 against the current Colts, but I don't have it broken down to what their record was while that team played in Baltimore.




5. Ravens career leaders are:


Passing: Yards: Kyle Boller 7846, TDs: Vinny Testaverde 51


Rushing: Jamal Lewis 7801 yards


Receiving: Yards and TDs: Todd Heap 4034 and 27 respectively




6. The Ravens have had no one ever inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but are sure to have a couple with the likes of Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden. However, in ESPN voting of the "Greatest Raven of All time, their fans selected......drum roll: Matt Stover.




7. The City of Baltimore was named after Lord Baltimore whose real name was Cecilius Calvert. He was the second "Lord Baltimore". He founded the colony of Maryland....named after the Queen. The title of Lord Baltimore began in the early 1600s but was eliminated as a peerage in 1771 by the English Parliament.




8. Calvert/Lord Baltimore was also given a colony in Newfoundland on the Avalon Penisula called: Ferryland. Thus Charm City, as Baltimore is sometimes referred to, and Ferryland are sister cities. You may make up any connotations you wish.




9. What was "Lord Baltimore" Lord of? The original "Baltimore" is a city on the southwest coast of Ireland in County Cork. It is still there and is apparently a "charming" tourist destination.


(and FYI, my mother was born not too far from there)




10. "Baltimore" is the Anglicization of the Gaelic: "Baile An Ti Mhoir" which translates to "Town of the Big House".




11. Considering that Baltimore has the second highest murder rate in the US, and the highest drug arrest rate, it appears that the town is aptly named.




12. On the positive side for them however is that Baltimore, like Cleveland has one of the 4 highest rated hospitals in America: Johns Hopkins (Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical Center being the others)




13. Also positive: Fort McHenry is rated as one of the Top 5 most Patriotic destinations in the US. as of course it was the inspiration for the penning of The Star Spangled Banner for its defense of the City in the War of 1812. I agree with the rating.




14. Also positive (and I can't believe I am saying all these nice things about those thieves): Baltimore does have The best Aquariam in the US, the National Aquariam. And I agree with that ranking as well.




15. Notable Baltimorons: Spiro Agnew (a winner), John Astin aka Gomez Addams, David Byrne...Talking Heads, Cab Calloway, John Carroll...of Cleveland's John Carroll Univ. fame, Tom Clancy, Mama Cass Elliot, Dashiell Hammet....author of The Maltese Falcon, David Hasselhoff (big L on forehead), Billie Holiday, Mel Kiper Jr., Al Kaline, Barry Levinson, Thurgood Marshall, Garry Moore, Ogden Nash, Nancy Pelosi, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Post...etiquette maven , Pat Sajak, Kathleen Turner...once hot turned cow, Leon Uris...Exodus author....not the original Exodus....the book made into a movie, Babe Ruth, and Frank Zappa.




The Gipper

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Hi de Hi de Hi de Ho!


That's good stuff Gipper. You're the man!


I'll give you one more odd fact about Baltimore. A little over 46 years ago....I was born there. Mom split with Daddy-O three months later and she, me and my two brothers moved back to Ohio. I've never been back to Maryland...yet.



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