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Greg Oden is a fifteen year old amish girl


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big doofus gets an outage in ONE HALF of a game. At this rate he will be 89 (and he will look 123) by the time he plays a full 82.


He breaks.


And when he talks his voice sounds like a leeeeetle girl "I will be back. just gotta work through it. "


We passed some taxation out here to pay this jester's salary and I want it back.


That seven foot labia is taking food out of my kid's mouths.


Anyway this topic is open for opinions now. Just dont say Greg Oden isnt a big lemon creamsickle.

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Hard to argue against taking a guy who was the consensus #1 pick since he was in 7th grade.


I only saw him a few times in college but he just looked like a poor (old) man's version of Dwight Howard. They say you win titles with big men but how many did it by themselves? Ewing never did it, Robinson never did it until Jordan retired and Duncan got drafted, Shaq needed Kobe and Wade, Yao I think is still looking for his first playoff series win.


The Garnetts and Duncans revolutionized the "big man". I can't see guys planted under the basket being able to dominate games like they used to.


But what I really can't believe is that Andrew Bynum, who doesn't have a single move outside of "catch and dunk" just got a 4 year, $60M extension.


Oh well. At least the rest of the Blazers look pretty good...I always like watching the up and coming teams even if the Blazer hype is/was a bit too much...

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Hype is all it is for the blazers.


I live here in town and I am REAL skeptical about the chances for this team.


Starting from the top we have a management team that has managed to buy a youth movement and eliminate the JR Riders and Rasheed Wallace bad characters but its not addition by subtraction.


A bunch of these local clowns play this team up because its all they got but they are sad losers. There is no chemistry on this team. Mcmillan couldnt pass a chemistry test if he hired newton himself to tutor him. And Oden as I said before is a little girl who gets hurt falling off his pony.


I hate this team for the hype you mention. I really do.

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What did you guys do to him? When he was 43 and still playing here in Ohio, he was pretty good. Did he climb back into that Planet of the Apes space ship for his journey out West?

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