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Case rolls on to 7-0


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Case Western Reserve's Head Football Coach, Greg Debeljak, is a 1983 Graduate of Mentor High School and a good friend of my family growing up.


He was an exceptional QB back in pee-wee, junior high, & high school football. Legend has it, he never lost a football game until his senior year in high school.


When I was 10 years old and playing for the Mentor Bantam Football 'Bears', Greg Debeljak was 12, the stud of the league and the QB of the rival 'Falcons'. I remember playing right corner-back and he rolled to his right, around the end and was on his way to yet another huge QB-keeper. I cut across the field, and had perfect angle on him as the last defense to stop him. I threw everything I had in my 65-lb skinny frame and planted my shoulder into his thighs ... a massive collision followed ... or as much as a 65-lber & approx 105-lber can create. I then found myself thumping along the ground on my chest and out of bounds, near the 4' chain link fence that surrounded the field. All the cheering and noise seemed to stand still for a breif moment, only to resume again, but this time louder, and as I looked back there was Greg Debeljak never out of stride streaking down the sideline for another long TD run ...

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Way cool. When I was there and played, an undefeated season wasn't even on the radar.


CASE has paid years of dues. Hats off to him. Glad to hear he's home grown. Everyone likes to see home grown kids succeed and stick around.


I guess thats why I'm rooting to see Quinn one day. Although, I'll take a win any way with anybody at the helm. But just like there was something extra special about Bernie, I'd like to see the same thing happen with BQ.

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