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Classic Moments Of Shurmur's Last Press Conference

Horn of Lake Erie

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"What do you say you have learned from your experience in Cleveland?"




"Oh I don't know. I think that's a question for tomorrow."


...Woops. Seems as if despite your deflective shield you leaked out what is actually going to happen.




"Are you anxious to see what happens to you here in Cleveland?"




"No, because if I'm not back here in CLE I will go and inspire and help another team win in some role. I have kids in college and mouths to feed."


...Yes, Shurmur, probably as a QB coach somewhere at best. 9-22 record on your resume ain't gonna get you another job. The misfortune in all this is that your daughter, which goes to my school in Boston coincidentally, is a pretty hot ginger who will likely hate the Browns after tomorrow. Can't leverage my patronage to the Browns in order to get with her. Dammit.

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