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The Guilt Trip

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my wife dragged me out to this one, and I must say 3 things.....


1) it only lasts 1.5 hour - but is a snoozer.... but when I was awake I noticed....


2) Seth Rogen is a whiner.... enuf said


3) How the hell did they get the makeup to work for Streisand? I mean, her face MUSTVE been aided by computer enhancement!

in real life she is , what... a 100 years old? and a wrinkled face that looks like the proverbial bad stretch of road? :lol:

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Saw it last night and I too thought it was a snoozer and wondered about her makeup as well.


There was a lot of time to wonder, The whole movie is just the two of them talking.


The fact that they shared hotel rooms was creepy.


I made a deal with the Lady to watch this so that I can watch movies I wanted to see (Django, Lincoln, Silver Linings) on other nights. 15 minutes in we both looked at each other and said "When is something going to happen?"



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