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Who Is Obamao? The Story In Pictures


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It's not that Cal falls for this stuff. He's a noxious rube. It's that he gets it from The Drudge Report, which is one of the most popular sites for conservatives. It shows you how extreme and rudderless they've become. It's an eye-opener.


I mean, look at those 23 executive orders. Do any of them even sound remotely controversial to you? But in the fever swamp, that gets you compared to Hitler and Stalin. And because a politician took a picture with children. Wow - that's new! When have politicians ever done that before?


These are disgusting people. And Drudge is laughing all the way to the bank. Nothing easier than taking money from fools.

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Reading to children is fine for anybody.


But using children to emotionally sway people on a contraversial issue is not fine with me.


I just liked the comparison. The butt of our board, heck, only shows up when it's politically expedient,


when he needs more material. The Obamao pic? I added that for the fun of it. But, no other president


has ever had the extreme radical, communist/marxist background that Obamao has. That is why I started


spelling his name "correctly". Heck is also the guy who, along with old sheply, was "frightened" at the evil,


civil rights destroyer Cheney. right.

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