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Obamao Using Distraction From His Poverty/jobs Failure


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in a freakin year.


Seriously? Obamao's second 4 years are quickly turning into more of a disaster than the first 4.


Bad moon risin.....



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no, marxist.


Obamao hasn't started focusing hatred and genocide on the Tea Party, Republicans, or gun owners.


Well, hatred, yes.


But marxist gun control is a huge start. "spread the wealth" "agenda 21" "you didn't build that"


"fast and furious", trying to take over the auto industry, health industry, going with any UN dictim that


fits the leftist agenda...


the list goes on.


Woodpecker, you just refuse to read the list. And that reminds me of the people in history who refused to admit


what was going on against the Jews in Europe, out of fear, and futile self interest. Til it was too late.


You, woodpecker, are the Borg of the left. You've been assimilated.

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