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Nantz Defends Lombardi Hire

Flyin J

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Could of should of would of. Who the hell really knows what all draft picks Lombardi was responsible for. He was the head talent evaluator on those teams and past the first round pick where he was the top evaluator they made shitty picks. He never had final say but he had his hands all up in that shit. He can't just run around and say that he said no to this guy and yes to someone else. Remember, Belichick claims that Lombardi is one of the best talent evaluators he has ever seen... but in his 5 years out of the NFL he never offered Lombardi a job.


Also classy move. If the last GM was so great why did they draft Weeden instead of Wilson. Why in the fuck didn't the other 32 teams not draft the guy before the 3rd round. Why did the last GM let his boss over step him and make that Weeden pick. I mean how dare you not tell your boss to fuck off.

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Nantz is a moron and is butt buddies with Lombardo. He stated he was objective, but throughout the dialogue you come to see he is very close to Lomabardo and couldn't be any more SUBjective. Don't take anything this guy says seriously.

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Nantz is the king of random, irrelevant facts that add no value to the current football game being played. I still wonder how this no-talent quack got a job commentating on so many different sporting events.


Nantz is an outstanding play by play announcer on many sporting events.


That said, his personal opinions should never really be brought up.


Yea, maybe a lot of people have been hard on Lombardi.


I can tell you....if Grossi, Terry Pluto, Much Bishop, etc. etc. etc. Well respected veteran sports writers in this town say that their is an issue with Lombardi's personal character, I for one, have to believe them.


That said, he personal backstabbing of people in the Browns organization in years past means nothing really to his capability of doing his job NOW.

So, we have him, we are stuck with him.....and thus I say this about him:

May the road rise to meet him,

May the wind be always at his back

May the sun shine upon his face

May the rain fall soft upon his fields

May his every pick become a Pro Bowler

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