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New Usfl

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There is a proposal to start a new USFL. As I understand it, people like Fred Biletnikoff, Jeff Garcia, Marshall Faulk and others are involved. It is to be a spring league set to begin probably spring of 2014.

It is supposed to have like maybe 8-10 teams and will be in Non-NFL markets like possibly San Antonio/Austin, Salt Lake, Portland, Memphis, Hartford, Birmingham, OK City, LA, Milwaukee, Columbus and even Akron.


It will not compete with the NFL the way the old USFL tried to, but will be more of a feeder league.

The one thing that is possible is that they may resurrect some of the old names they used in the old league, like Portland Breakers, San Antonio Gunsligers, Birmingham Stallions, Memphis Showboats. etc.




Oh, by the way, it looks like the UFL has gone under...so something like this may be needed.

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The only way another league can succeed is to be backed by the NFL teams and be essentially a minor leagues for the big boys. Where teams can send practice squad guys to get some experience.

so would these guys be paid by an nfl team while playing spring ball then possibly in the fall also?

seems like to much and the nflpa wont allow that. plus those practice squad players still take up cap space.

If all 32 teams and the nfl itself equally put $ into it for payroll, staff, general running costs etc, it may have a chance. but there's alot of what ifs with this subject IMO.

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Yes, the CFL at times feeds some players into the NFL.....hell, it just fed a HC into the NFL...Trestman.


The Arena League has fed some developmental players to the NFL...can you say Kurt Warner.


But none of these have direct ties to the NFL the way the old "NFL Europe" did.


This USFL is also not supposed to have direct ties with the NFL....though I suggest they would welcome such an arrangement.


I only wonder why and how they would expect this to succeed where the UFL failed. After all, the UFL had the likes of Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Fassel, Dennis Green associated with it. Do they think the fact that they are to be another spring league, that that would make a difference.


Just curious though...if Akron got a team, what would it be called? Akron Pros? That was the name of the very first NFL champion.

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It actually sounds smart and for one reason. Spring football. That is the one major reason all of these minor football leagues (outside of the CFL) have failed. No TV network is going to want to pick up showing games when you have the NCAA and the NFL to compete with. The CFL makes it because it is a separate nations league, a nation that is actually starved for football.


A real minor league, one that can be set up so that players can leave for the NFL even if they are under contract, where players could play during the spring to help get their name out there to NFL teams, and also give the rest of North America a taste for football there isn't any.

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