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Premature Predictions


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I got asked after the opener against Philly how many games we would win this year. I said three maybe four. I'm gonna hit this one dead on waaaaaaay early. Seven games in '13.


I misjudged Weeden (didn't think he would even do as well as he did, not saying much), and way underestimated little and Gordon. If we wouldn't have screwed ourselves in games like IND and DAL, we would have had even more than 5, which I thought would have been a huge stretch.


SO, barring all injury and suspension (TRich Ward, Haden's Retarded ass etc...) and say we get 1-2 average FA's (Rucker types - nothing overpriced or crazy) to fill a hole or two, and a decent draft........ How many games do we win in '13????

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Don't predict until preseason... at the moment


No Draft yet

We will touch Free Agency this summer

We will make a trade to the defense to improve our new 3-4 scheme

New everything "Owner GM coach/coaches schemes"



After these happen and the preseason starts to ramp up we'll have a more proper outlook on what our expectations are, i've said 11-5 last year cuz i'm the most optimistic fucker around when i see any kind of improvement player wise... Trent Richardson was up there on my big board with Blackmon and T.Rich didnt disappoint me he gonna a beast for years.



I'll predict way later :P

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