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Maybe Anti Gunners Will Listen To This Father Who


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I would love common decency and civility to prevail too, but if that were the case we would need no laws.


What are these laws that weren't enforced or aren't enforced? If that's true they obviously should be. Adding a few more won't make things overly complicated though, they'd just help to keep guns out if dangerous hands

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A few more? Only if they address the real problems.


Mental health issues, and drugs that kids? are taking to deal with them,


and really tragic loose handling of guns. Like leaving the car keys out on the sofa,


so a drunk, enraged teen on prozac can take off in your car.


A law that stipulates grave responsibility for reckless failure to secure guns would work.


So would some very intense education to the public. Sad to say, the NRA is one of the best


friends true solution searches would have in that regard, yet the NRA is alienated by


the leftist knee jerk screams by liberal morons who don't get it.


The kid who killed his mother, and brother......used a .22. it is not the freakin type of gun.

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