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Ccw Utah Man Arrested - Shoots At Cars Of Fleeing Burglars


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Weird. But he is guilty of local laws/state laws where he can shoot if his life, or someone else's life is in danger. Now, in Ohio, at least, if you are a CCW licensed person,


and you are driving or walking outside, and a nutjob or two have crowbars and are beating up somebody with the crowbars, you can shoot them if they don't immediately stop.


However, even though that's an outside defense thing, it must be extremely legit.


They stop and walk away, they won't know you have a gun. You don't draw it.


Home invasion, you can blast them away, but obviously, you have to identify them as intruders, AND as a legit threat to your life or pose a serious risk


to your physical self.


Moral to the story - his life was not threatened, they were fleeing, he is way wrong. He's guilty, apparently, imho, of firing his weapon in pubic,

towards fleeing criminals who pose no threat.


It isn't his job to fire to warn them not to come back, to keep them from getting away.


Life not in danger, serious bodily harm not an issue, no draw, no shoot. If he had been out in his driveway, and car drove up, pulled over quickly,


and two guys jump out with tire irons and came after him - well, there's two dead attackers with justification.


If I go out to our barn, and have my gun with me, and two guys have broken into our barn and are stealing stuff,


I can't shoot them. I don't draw ...nothin. They come after me with crowbars or knives, because I draw my cellphone, and try to back away fast, and as a last resort, I will gun them down. If I have a few seonds, I would draw and fire a warning shot towards the woods,

I think, because that would solve the problem. But, we aren't in the city either.


This guy got caught up in the emotion of the moment, and used his gun, and outside the home. He's wrong, pay the piper after he's found guilty in court..


Other opinions?

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