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Money Running Low On Pre Existing Conditions Patients


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Outside of heckbunker and woodpecker, hey -


of course it is already running out of money. Our entire country is 16 TRILLION in debt !


This Obamao-dumdem fiasco was impossible to pay for before it was passed by all dems !


I reckon they knew it would happen, but who cares when they can manipulate dimwits to vote for them TWICE !


I think people should have to have a background check, a license, extensive training in not being stupid, pass a compency


test every four years, and should have to register their voting cards that have their picture and fingerprints on them.


We just have to do something.



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I think the property owner thing has merit. We should be allowed to vote twice. Once for us,


once for our property.


I hate it when people vote to raise property tax on people who have property, when they


live in apartments.


I mean, seriously.

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