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Beasts Of The Southern Wild Review

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Beasts of the Southern Wild

Fox Searchlight

PG 13 97 min

Okay I guess I'm missing something here.

Most of the time even the additional movies in the best picture category turn out to be a pleasant surprise. In all honesty I have no idea what it might have been about BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD that captured the heart and soul of the Academy. Oh I don't think it's going to win and I don't think very many people saw it but my God folks...

Now you know my theory on watching something even on a large flat screen at home, and that is it can cost up to a full letter grade because you're missing the theater experience.

I actually think I may have hated this one more if I'd had to go out into the bad weather and pay 8 bucks.

Well, maybe hated isn't the right word, it's not a vile movie, it's just boring, noisy and incomprehensible.

The setting is a rural Louisiana community called the bathtub which, as soon as an inevitable storm arrives, will be submerged. It takes a while to realize that it's not in fact set in a banana republic in the third world.

The events, such as they are, are seen through the eyes and the prism of childlike surrealism of a 6 year old girl, hushpuppy.

The events include, but aren't limited to, life death survival and self-realization all brought about by the flood.


From what I gather those who believe this to be a brilliant piece of art are focusing on the fact that it really is a unique piece of filmmaking. I have not seen the like.

But to me it was a visual and aural cacophony from beginning to end.

I'm not sure what the scenes featuring pre-historic looking monsters may have meant but I'm guessing the occasional shots off melting polar ice caps were in deference to the global warming activists.

Your mileage, and apparently the academies, may vary.





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