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Argo Review

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Warner Brothers

R 120 min

Another in my series of Best Picture nominees is the 1 that's been out, like zero dark thirty, for quite a while.

Another war movie, or action adventure if you prefer, taken from what is claimed to be actual events. While 0 was set in very recent memory Argo takes place decades ago during the Iranian hostage situation.

Back then Iran was ruled by the Shaw who allowed for and interests to manage the Iranian oil fields in return for support of his brutal regime. The Muslim theocracy and the people over through the Shaw and nationalized the countries oil production. Of course that didn't suit US interests so a CIA organized to placed a Shah back on the throne. Years later the ayatollahs overthrew the new one and went about their business which appears to be killing lots of people.

The cancer stricken ex ruler finds asylum in the United States add the Iranians demand his return for execution, or worse.

The US, of course, refuses and now the conflict is in full gear.

And Iranian mob storms the embassy and catchers everyone except 6 low level staffers who somehow make their way to the Canadian embassy.

If the Iranians get wise everybody is in peril so an escape plan is imperative.

Of the many shaky ideas the one they piock involves putting together a phony film which is looking for a location to shoot.

The six escapees are to pose as a Canadian movie crew and board a plane out of town.

In order to make the ruse seem real actual Hollywood hotshots are brought in to lay the groundwork.

As opposed to ZERO DARK THIRTY this one plays more as entertainment. Kind of ENTOURAGE meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. And here the stars are a bigger focus, including director Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin and others.

It’s exciting and fun and if the story is close to being accurate it’s a pretty cool piece of history.






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