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Don't Take A Good "paperboy" For Granted.


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That was frustrating for me so I finally dropped my subscription.


I know the person delivering now is on time every morning, I hear him drive by at 5am every morning like clockwork, so he or she is on the ball, but it is now at the point I don't want daily delivery. I just pick up the Saturday and Sunday paper at the McDonalds DT window.


Another reason I don't want the paper is Pat and I head out on a whim on weekends for a day or three and don't want the papers building at the end of the driveway when we leave.


It's gotten to the point, for me anyway, that online content works just fine. She was a newspaper reporter for maybe 10 years before moving on in to PR, so she needs the feel of paper in her hands. I don't know what she is going to do when newspapers quit printing and go 100% with online subscriptions. It isn't that far away. Many papers are going to 3-4 day print cycles, and eventually I could see only Sunday editions.....people like their advertising flyers, TV Guides, coupons, etc.....I suspect most will maintain a big Sunday paper, but then delivery options probably vanish.



You said hit the door with the paper. Your delivery people have to get it to the door still? Cool. Here, it is drive by in a car and make a honest attempt to get it in the drive or somewhere near the drive, out of the street.




But....before you get mad at the delivery person, be sure it wasn't just a late delivery by him and not a problem with the PD or whatever paper you take didn't have a press problem and didn't get papers out late.



If it's just the new person, after a week or two they should know the route well enough to have papers delivered by a reasonable 7am....I know the drivers around here have routes with 300-400 customers....not sure how it is there, but I know it's not like when I delivered the Cleveland Press to about 100 homes in a 6-8 block area.


I wanted a PD route, it paid a little more, but my parent's wouldn't allow me to be walking around at 5am...hit my corner delivery spot at 4PM and I was home by 5:30-6:00, unless it was collection time, then it might be 7:30 P.M. Collect the money, punch a index card of sorts, and move to the next.

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