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We Were Right Again - Yale Teaching "sexual Diversity Sensitivity"


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So, despite all the denials, well,


there ya go. Turning EVERY single aspect of American life upside and inside out.


Like gun control, it knows no end. Gay this and that, then.....beastiality.


You name it, and lib/progressive/marxist perverts will insist that there isn't anything wrong with anything.


It never ends.



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sensitivity training = desensitizing morals


Cal - this reminded me of Northwestern University Defends Use of Pornography in Kinky Class in March 2011.


but this is college now-a - days ... take a look at woodpeckers next semester


for example-



6. The Science of Harry Potter




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I don't even know a good derogatory adjective to lay on those classes.


Although, if the myth class, #2, dealt with Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces"...


that would be very legit for an English class.


but the rest...


unbelievable in a bad way.

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