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"main Witness" Lied In Investigation Into Zimmerman-Martin Case


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Of course, that is not good. Good for Zimmerman's defense, a bit.


And the FBI says it won't turn over their files on the case... oh, yeah, look who is pres and AG and....


And NBC says Zimmerman doesn't deserve a payout from them over his libel suit against them...(they fired the two reporters...)


What a mess. Zimmerman will be found innocent. And should be.


About the lie:






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This whole thing has been such a clusterfuck from the beginning. Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent because of the mass (dumbass) african-american protestors and the (even more dumbass) media with their agenda. They showed the ugliest pictures of zimmerman possible and the most innocent pics of trayvon (what the fuck kind of name is trayvon anyways?) The pic most often used for trayvon was from 3 years ago. More recent and accurate pictures showed him holding guns, cash, and bags of pots. Of course, those were never shown on TV. This story made me loath the media in the United States. I occasionally watched the news before this, but I definitely will never watch it now.


Free Zimmerman

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