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Step Right Up, Folks - Get Your Brilliant Al Gore Soapbox Special


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Yep - Shep and Heckbunker really love their "genius" Al Gore....





"A method for producing spider silk has been developed by genetic engineers who insert genes from orb-making spiders into goats which then secrete the spider silk -- along with milk -- from their udders. Spider silk is incredibly useful because it is both elastic and five times stronger than steel by weight. The spiders themselves cannot be farmed because of their antisocial, cannibalistic nature. But the insertion of their silk-producing genes in the goats allows the farming of the goats.


In any case, there is no doubt that the widespread use of synthetic biology -- and particularly the use of self-replicating artificial life forms -- could potentially generate radical changes in the world, including some potential changes that arguably should be carefully monitored."

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Yep. I suppose goats who have milk AND silkworm silk in their teats would


stop mmgw.


Well, as long as the cows don't fart. Libs dream of such a perfect utopia for all the rest of us ....


Why, I'm figurin that Al Gorish will get all excited about cows not jumping over the moon,


but using their teats to swing from city to city with their teats like spiderman, and saving


shipping expenses, which would save us from overheating our planet any more than necessary.


Yes. Shep will always be stuck with Al Gore.


Obamao would probly sign on to it, but he'd stipulate through exec order, that only black cows


could have the super special silkworm silk in their udders. He'll say it's about fairness.

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