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Upper Deck Question

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Thanks for your question. I believe you'll find the answer you're looking for in the following response:


An upper decker is when one removes the lid covering the reservoir tank on a generic toilet and proceeds to defecate in said tank.



Thanks again!

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I have sat real high in Browns Stadium the last few years. I wanted to move down but still like the overhang. Whats the lowest row i can move down and still be protected from the overhang? My friend sits in row 18 is not covered. Anyone here have an idea?



No name calling, but hate to tell you there isn't an exact answer for a couple of reasons.


1) The North side upper deck has more rows than the South.


2) It can depend on how hard the wind is blowing, and from what direction. If you're sitting in the south stands, you get a gale coming out of the north, it's going to move the rain level back a whole lot.


And really, if you want a better view, prepare to get wet when it rains- at least 70% of the stadium is set up that way. If you have the cash to buy season tickets, invest in some Gore Wear, and a poncho. Incidentally, IMO the best seats in the house outside of Club Level are the last 4 rows of the sideline lower deck- and they ARE under cover on top of it. :)

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I sit in rown 19, sect 534. The best I can tell is the hang stops row 20-21.


The reality is on the north side, which i sit, the overhang is close enough i am protected by the bad weather out of the north for the most part.....but can still get wet if the rain is straight down or blown in out of the south.



If your goal is to be out of the rain, maybe row 22-23 is about as far down as you want to go.

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