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Police And Family Services Raid Nj Man's Home Over Photo Of Son With Rifle

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Police and Family Services Raid NJ Man’s Home Over Photo of Son With Rifle

New Jersey dad Shawn Moore got quite a shock when police and representatives from the Department of Child Services showed up at his home after he posted a picture of his son to Facebook. In the photo, 10-year-old Josh can be seen proudly holding the .22 caliber rifle he got for his birthday.Shawn and Josh Moore joined Fox and Friends this morning to tell their story. According to Shawn, when authorities showed up at their home, they said they wanted to look through the house to make sure that guns weren’t available to his children. They also wanted to access his safe in order to run the serial numbers on his weapons to confirm that they were all registered to him. They did not have a warrant.


Moore said the request immediately raised red flags. “I think it’s totally illegal cause in New Jersey, you don’t have to register your firearms. I didn’t commit any crime, I wasn’t charged with anything,” he said.


He was able to quickly get his lawyer on the phone, who advised him not to open the safe. At that point, the representatives from the Department of Child Services threatened to take his children away if he didn’t open it. Moore stood his ground and after about an hour of discussion, they left and never returned with a warrant.


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