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Now, Newspaper Posts Map Of Schools...with No


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First it was posting names and addresses of gun owners via their gun registrations. Now, it's intimidation of "outing"

schools with a security officer.


Even Joe biteme Biden said, that the current attacks on gun rights is "only the beginning". See?


Anybody still wonder why millions are very concerned? Because even biteme admits it's just a foot in the door to...


gun registration, and then, criminalization, etc. Ulterior motives, camel's nose in under the tent.


They want that information so they can USE it, to abuse gun owners with it, and abuse schools with security officers with it.


IOW's, this is why the left will fail to be involved with legitimate, genuine changes to protect children in schools.


They don't really care - they just have a giant control agenda, and it's tough to frighten the American people who have guns in their homes.




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