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Forbes Ranks Browns 34Th Most Valuable Sports Franchise In The World


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The Cleveland Browns were valued at $987 million dollars according to Forbes Magazine, making them the 34th most valuable franchise in sports. The team sold for $1.05 billion dollars last year, but as you know when you drive the team off the lot they immediately lose value.

Actually, Jimmy Haslam purchased 70% of the team from Randy Lerner last season, with an agreement in place to purchase the remaining 30% in 2015. Unless of course Haslam’s current legal troubles escalate.

The top three franchises on Forbes‘ list were all soccer clubs, led by Real Madrid. The New York Yankees were the top American sports franchise at No. 4, and the Dallas Cowboys were the top NFL franchise at No. 5. There were 20 NFL franchises valued higher than the Browns. 30 of the 32 NFL teams made the list. (Jacksonville and St. Louis did not.)

The Indians and Cavaliers were not included in the top 50. In March, Forbes valued the Indians at $559 million.


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I hate those damn sites that are slideshows so that you have to click through 50 goddam frames just to get the info, and then every fucking frame takes forever so that the fucking flash ads will appear. It takes 10 minutes to do something that could take 30 seconds.

That is what that Forbes site did.

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