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The Problem Was Not About Racism After All, Its About Guns!


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Well what a surprise, Obama comes out calling for gun control in the wake of the verdict.

The real problem here was not racism or profiling after all! The problem was a gun.


No thanks Obama, without a gun, Z would have been seriously injured, or dead.

Worry about thug control instead you buffoon.


We know that if the lefties could, they would take all guns away from us. If they could, they'd null and void the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The left wants total control, if you can't protect yourself, then it would make us more dependent on government protection.

The left hate guns because it offers independence.


Video of shit head:






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libs hate guns because they can't make you afraid in your own house.


After all, if you have guns, then you aren't dependent on THEM for assistance.


then, they can't depend on YOU for votes.

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