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Corrupt, Vicious Angela Corey? Took The Zimmerman Case...


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to try to discredit the critics who were complaining that she sent more


juvenile blacks into the legal system...as adults.....


THIS is why she avoided the Grand Jury...why she overcharged,


withheld evidence, and did I read right? She kept tossing out white prospective


jurors until the judge stopped it?


This was a political witch hunt to help her career. She needs to be disbarred.


A "Republican" ? ha. She's a dirtbag attorney regardless of race or politics. She's


just vicious in building her career. Nothing gets in her way or else, the law and facts don't matter.




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As someone who disagrees with you on the case it makes me wonder, did she purposely take the case with the intent to lose it, throwing that child abuse claim in late to upset borderline jurors, and then hope to play up the media as your link indicates for political gain?


Honestly this woman sounds like a real piece of work, a 12yr old as an adult, a vet trying to protect a friends house, an abused woman defending herself....

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I don't know. But the Angela prosecutor, as well as a couple of others, are at least as bad pieces of work.


It was so much a kangaroo court. Seriously. And still, Zimmerman was not guilty.

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Avoiding sending the case to the grand jury because it would have been thrown out, then witholding evidence this woman should be disbarred.

So says the most liberal Alan Dershowitz.


Wheres Heck btw? Why isn't he takin his empty shots tryin to defend this bitch?

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