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The Best 100 Players In The Nfl

The Gipper

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Just today ProFootballTalk.com came out with it "Best 100 NFL players". Here is the list. Perhaps the most controversial is the fact that they listed 7 QBs before Joe Flacco:





FYI, Joe Thomas and Joe Haden are the only Browns on the list.

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Here is the breakdown of each of those players per team:


49ers: 9

Bears: 6

Seahawks: 6

Pats: 5

Texans: 5

Broncos: 5

Buccaneers: 5

Ravens: 5

Cards: 4

Cowboys: 4

Falcons: 4

Panthers: 4

Lions: 3

Saints: 3

Giants: 3

Dolphins: 3

Steelers: 3

Eagles: 3

Packers: 2

Bengals: 2

Redskins: 2

Colts: 2

Browns: 2

Bills: 2

Jets: 2

Vikings: 2

Chargers: 1

Chiefs: 1

Jags: 1



According to this, the 3 teams with the most top players are all NFC teams: 49ers/Seahawks/Bears. And in the AFC tops are Texans/Pats/Broncos/Ravens

Do you buy it all?

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